“Live to your evolutionary potential”

 My enlightenment to primal aligned living came through my career as a wilderness survival skills and primitive technology instructor. Through studying the life styles of our ancestors, observing indigenous peoples and through practical hands on experience of living off the land I quickly developed my own way of eating, exercising and living which had a profound affect on my health and well being.

I then backed this up with intensive study of nutrition and diets, exercise and training regimes as well as how other aspects of modern living clash with how we have evolved to live.

I then came across Mark Sisson’s book “The Primal Blueprint”. The advice, recommendations and ethos described in the Primal Blueprint system mirrored my own almost exactly.

I work with people of all ages but my specialism is helping people in the forties and fifties restore the fitness and health that they had in their twenties and thirties……after all if I can do it, so can you.