“Live to your evolutionary potential”

Live Primally is Kev Palmer, a bushcraft and primitive skills instructor with nearly 20 years experience of working in the bushcraft industry, have worked with or alongside some of the top people.  His interest and knowledge of the outdoors started in childhood with his passion for the flora and fauna with which we share this planet.  This was combined with experience from a young age of camping, wild camping and outdoor pursuits such as climbing, kayaking and caving as well as being introduced to edible wild plants.  In adult life this has been supplemented with numerous expeditions and independent travel to various parts of the world.  Today, Kev can offer instruction in a broad range of bushcraft and primitive skills from the basics of fire, food, water and shelter to primitive life skills such as hide tanning, flint knapping, basketry, bark work, medicinal plants, tracking etc.

His enlightenment to primal aligned living came through his career as a wilderness survival skills instructor. Through studying the life styles of our ancestors, observing indigenous peoples and through practical hands on experience of living off the land he quickly developed his own way of eating, exercising and living which had a profound affect on his health and well being.

This was then backed this up with intensive study of nutrition and diets, exercise and training regimes as well as how other aspects of modern living clash with how we have evolved to live.

He then came across Mark Sisson’s book “The Primal Blueprint”. The advice, recommendations and ethos described in the Primal Blueprint system mirrored his own almost exactly and so in 2017 he undertook their Primal Health Coach course.  The combination of working in the outdoors teaching these ancient skills combined with recent knowledge of ancestral diet, exercise and lifestyle gives a unique and holistic approach to how we are designed to live.